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Twins is a psychological thriller that takes the reader into the world of mental illness and mistaken identity. Layla McCarron is a fun loving 24-year-old who is enjoys her life and her job as a lawyer with a medium size law firm in Washington DC. Her friends say she’s stable, loving and caring until her life takes changes that lead her down a path of murder and deception.


Layla wins her first case in her new law firm, but the win came in a suspicious manner thus leading authorities to suspect she tampered with potential witness. Layla is then hunted by her own client which leads to her suspension from her job.


After the suspicious death of her best friend, Layla finds herself the primary suspect and Detective Brenda Lewis refuses to believe her innocence.


Layla struggles to prove her innocence without letting authorities know about her estranged twin sister, Kayla. Layla believes Kayla is behind the murders and witness intimidations. The mystery lies in the whereabouts of Kayla McCarron and those who believe she’s not real.


If you like phycological thrillers with a twist, then grab this awesome novel.


$17.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
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