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The Last Honorable Man

The Last Honorable Man:

An action-packed story with real-life settings of U.S. Air Force operations


Join Jake Wakefield in an epic mission where he battles the Elite Air Force Special Reconnaissance Team to clear his name amid a heist and save his family from the looming danger.


When good people with integrity are compromised by lies, they will do anything to clear their names!


Follow the story as it unfolds into the details revolving around the missing funds for reparations, the blackmails, betrayals, faked death, and action-packed scenes.


A Tale from an Air Force veteran with real-life experience

The entire story of The Last Honorable Man stems from the pen of an Air Force veteran who has experienced some critical aspects of Air Force investigations and is an avid writer.

What this means for our readers is; you get the rush of real-life action explicitly delivered in detail!


Ready to jump on real action and plot twists?

Purchase The Last Honorable Man to read this thrilling story of a brave soldier struggling in the background to become a free man and the frivolities, corrupt practices, and conspiracies that exist unchecked within the system.


We’re BIG on helping the Community GROW!

We’re part of a community that goes beyond the word of fiction. We play our role to raise the standard of living for millions of people that's why we’re giving 10% of the royalties to the Fisher House.


The Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military & veteran families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital.


Purchase today to become part of something bigger today!


The Last Honorable Man

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