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The Death Knights

They stole his life. Now he’s taking it back.


Kidnapped and shipped to a secretive government training program, Brandon Alexander never stood a chance. Brainwashed and relentlessly abused into becoming part of an elite team of killers under the heel of the cruel military mastermind Colonel Grace, Brandon’s youth was stolen from him and he was turned into a monster.


But when a routine mission goes terribly wrong, something snaps inside Brandon – and his long-lost memories begin to filter back. Grappling with his re-emerging identity and faced with the horrifying truth about what Colonel Grace moulded him into, Brandon becomes determined to shut down the program and take his revenge on the men in charge of it all.


Teaming up with special agent Hillary Wells, Brandon must harness his training as the world’s deadliest assassin to take down his biggest targets yet. But Colonel Grace knows they’re coming – and he’ll stop at nothing to protect the greatest secret the US has ever known.


There’s only one way for Brandon to get his life back. But can he outwit the most brutal men in America? And will his thirst for revenge consume the last of his humanity?


Perfect for fans of exhilarating thrillers with secretive government projects and highly trained assassins, (book name) is an action-packed novel that will keep you hanging from every page. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

The Death Knights

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