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The Compendium (The Complete Series)

Can someone walk away from the life of an assassin to become a Christian? Joshua Collins attempts to do that, but his past won’t forgive him. It keeps coming back to him.

The Compendium (The Complete Series) contains all six episodes of the series in one book. You’ll follow Joshua’s life after he quits The Compendium. The six episodes will take you on a whirlwind ride as loyalties are tested, secrets are unraveled, and the lines between right and wrong don’t exist. Prepare yourself for an electrifying tale of betrayal and redemption in the heart-pounding six episode series.

Episode One

Abducted; Agony; Pain; Can He Escape the Life? No one leaves The Compendium and lives to tell about it! That is no one except Joshua Collins. The world’s best assassin leaves The Compendium to pursue life as a Christian. For six years he lives in seclusion until a local gang kidnaps his daughter. The struggles between his new Christian life and his past battle within him, but the biggest battle lies ahead. Will Joshua return to the life? Can he save Ashley from Special K. Who’s behind the plan to draw Joshua out?

Episode Two

Joshua Collins continues to elude the past life of an assassin, but the life continues to come after him. In part two of this series, he finds himself stalked by Darkness; a killer bent on making him suffer before killing him.

Episode Three

The Mexican Cartel bears down on an unsuspecting Joshua Collins!

Joshua put the past behind him, but the past won’t leave him alone. He wants to raise his daughter and unborn child outside of the life he once knew as an assassin. He cherishes the time he has with Karen, the love of his life… but now that’s over… she’s left him for a quiet life that does not include death and danger.

Francisco, reeling from the loss of his son Raphael, wants blood for blood, and only Joshua’s death will heal his pain. Given information from his Compendium source, he hunts down Joshua’s friend Sylvia, hoping to draw Joshua out.

Episode Four

The Mexican Cartel failed once but they continue to come after Joshua Collins!

Manuel and Antonio seek revenge for the death of Raphael. They want blood for blood and only making Joshua kill his friend and head of The Compendium, Sylvia Goodwin will suffice. If he doesn’t, The Cartel will kill his daughter, Ashley, and his ex-girlfriend, Karen.

Episode Five

Ashley Collins takes over where her father, Joshua, left off!
After her brush with death from the Mexican Cartel, Ashley now faces life as a Compendium assassin. She completes her first mission under her father's watchful eye. Then The Compendium sends Ashley to Tampa, Florida, for her second and most trying mission of all. She must kill her grandfather!

Episode Six

Twenty-five years ago, Joshua Collins’ world is shattered when he discovers the woman he loved was a Russian double agent. Tasked to eliminate her, Joshua embarked on a dangerous journey that led him to make the hardest choice of his life.

Haunted by his past, Joshua is torn between his two daughters, Ashley, and Sasha. As he delves deeper into a web of deceit and political intrigue, he uncovers a sinister plot that threatens his family and those close to him. Now, he must navigate a treacherous landscape of spies, terrorists, and shadowy government agencies to save the ones he loves.

The Compendium (The Complete Series)

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