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Love & Lust

Passion, Lust, and Deception: the perfect mix for an unforgettable tale.

Love & Lust is a heart-wrenching tale of love, passion, and the consequences of our actions. Jonathan Rose is the epitome of a basketball star, with his chiseled physique and cocky attitude, turning the heads of every woman at Tyndall Air Force Base. But when he meets Lea, he experiences something never felt before - a strong pull toward her, which he believes is love. Is it love or is it lust?

Jonathan’s wife, Donna is smitten with Jonathan, and he leads her to believe that he feels the same way. They start a family, have twin girls, and get married, but Jonathan’s promise of forever is filled with lies to cover his affairs. Despite Jonathan's genuine feelings for Donna, his gaze keeps wandering, and he succumbs to temptation; repeatedly betraying his wife's trust.

Given one final chance by Donna, Jonathan begins a new chapter in his life trying to be the good husband until he meets the challenge of his life, Lea. Temptation knocks at his door each time he sees Lea. Has he truly found love with Lea, or is it just a fleeting moment of lust? Does Jonathan really love Donna?

This story is a page-turner filled with heartbreak and deception as Jonathan navigates the ups and downs of love and relationships. As he struggles to understand his true feelings and make sense of the chaos around him, readers will be drawn into the story and left on the edge of their seats. With its powerful themes and unforgettable characters, Love & Lust is a must-read for anyone who loves romance novels with a twist.

If you want to experience a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you wanting more after every page, get your copy today!

Love & Lust

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