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Actions Have Consequences

DJ wants to do what any son would do and save his father… but should he play God to do it?

Twenty-five years after witnessing the cold blooded murder of his father, Derek “DJ” James tries to find a way to travel back in time and save his father. Despite concern expressed by his colleague and his wife, DJ continues his work.

After numerous attempts end in frustration DJ decides to follow the advice of Diablo and use a supernatural method of time travel.

Can changing one minor event change the entire course of history for the world? Will saving Derek Sr., have ramifications on DJ’s life that he never expected? Who is Diablo and why does he want DJ to attempt time travel?

If you enjoy gripping novellas, with a twist, then you won’t want to miss Actions Have Consequences. 

Actions Have Consequences

$13.99 Regular Price
$11.89Sale Price
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