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The Value of Publishing eBooks

value of ebooks

Imagine how many good stories you never heard because of the rigors of print publishing. Imagine how many writing dreams went through a shredder. Even today submitting your manuscript to traditional publishing houses will bring more heartache than happiness. Now imagine how many books get published every month. Because of eBook we have a vast number of selections to choose from. Take a minute and Google book releases for any month. The number of releases will amaze you compared to 20 years ago.

The point is, writers are finding out that self-publishing an eBook might be the way to get their stories out. eBooks give them the opportunity to convert their scribbles into an actual book. Perhaps you should try it out too. Many authors talk about the opportunities that self-publishing an eBook provide. There are also disadvantages but after weighing them both you will realize that publishing an eBook wins.

If you are still not sure whether self-publishing an eBook is the right way to go then keep reading. This post is about the value of self-publishing eBooks. It’s written with the hope that after reading this to the end, you will feel more confident about your decision to publish.

What do you stand to gain from publishing an eBook?

Diversify Your Income

In recent times we have learned about passive income. Passive Income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person isn’t actively involved. Don’t look too far if you have something to write about. Writing a book is one of the strategies of growing your passive income. Publishing an eBook today provides an easier platform to grow that income. You do all the work to put down your story, get it edited and formatted, design it, put it up for sale and promote it. Afterwards, with some marketing, you can sit back and watch all your hard work pay off. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it can be a reality and it’s certainly achievable. Remember, don’t stop at one eBook!

It's Easier Than Print Publishing

Traditional print publishing is a very long process. In my experience traditional publishing seems to eliminate more potential books than they accept. Only a small percent of books submitted actually get published. However, with self-publishing an eBook you get to skip over all the publisher headaches. You are your own boss and the success of your book being published largely depends on how you decide to write and publish it. Many authors who have gone into self-publishing did so because it was easier than having to wait for a response from traditional publishers. The advantage of this to avid readers is more books to read.

value of ebooks

You Get to Teach People

Think about the service you render when you publish an eBook. The number of potential readers out there, waiting for these words of yours to change their lives. Isn’t that what being a writer is about? Being able to reach out to a reader in ways you don’t even know. Writing an eBook provides you with this opportunity to teach people about the knowledge you have acquired over your years or to tell a story.

It's Indeed a Digital Age

Today’s technology has taken us from hard copies to virtual. CDs, movies, and of course books are digital now. Personally, all my movies, music and books are digital. The ease of the digital revolution gives readers more stories to choose from and read.

People go to their digital devices to perform most of their daily tasks and since readers are there why not go to meet them as well? While many people want to read not many people can actually pick up a paper book and read. Many people just ask if there is a digital version. This way they flip through pages digitally at any time they want without carrying along the extra load of a printed book.

You Can Achieve Your Goals of Being a Writer

Becoming a published writer isn’t as elusive as it was in the printed age. All you need to do is start writing your book. This is a great avenue to explore your creative mind and share it with the world. This is a chance to call yourself a writer.

It's a Way to Diversify Your Audience

If you have already been publishing printed books, an eBook is a good way to diversify your audience. This is true even if you are already a best-selling author. There are avid readers that would read a book whether it was hard or soft copy. But there are people that will only read a book in digital form. Some readers became this way out of convenience, while others find digital is the best way to enjoy reading a book. If you are looking to diversify your readers, you should seriously consider eBooks because it will open you up to a different group of avid readers.

You Are In Charge of Determining the Value of Your eBook

People often wonder how much they can make from publishing a book. The question often asked is, “How much should I charge for my book?” Well if being your own boss is a concept that thrills you, congratulations, you are in charge when you publish your eBook. You get to decide the tone of your book, what kinds of words to use, how much you can charge and so on. Determining the value of your book is up to you. You can price it low or high, but determine an appropriate marketing strategy before you do so.

It’s Cheaper

Who doesn’t want to save money? Like many things digital; you eliminate the cost of printing books. Creating an eBooks means no printing. Just edit, format, and design your cover. Remember that you can publish a paperback version of your eBook and vice versa.

In conclusion, if you have a story to tell, you should tell it. Educate and entertain the world through books, because knowledge is indeed a gift to mankind, and you can bestow that gift by publishing an eBook. So, have you decided yet? As part of your decision-making process, check out my One-on-One Author Consultation service. I can provide you with a wealth of information to get you started.

Have a blessed day!

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