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10 Marketing Tips for Fiction Writers

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There are a number of ways to market fiction effectively. Trust me, over the 12 years I’ve been doing this, I have tried them all. However, each day, I discover something new. Here are some of the top ways I have learned to help sell your fiction books:

1. A Great Cover

People really do judge a book by its cover, so make sure yours is as good as anything you would see on a store shelf. Hire a freelancer to turn your vision of your cover into a work of art. If you are not a professional graphic designer, please do not do this yourself. I know services like Canva offer free templates. However, if you want to cut publishing cost for your book, make sure you don’t cut cost on the cover.

2. A Great Blurb and Teaser Copy

The "blurb" is what goes on the back of the book. The teaser copy can be on the back as well, or on the first page inside the book (you can put the blurb there too). These pieces of content are both designed to encourage the browser to read more.

This is another area I would recommend hiring someone. You may think you’ve written the perfect blurb, but in reality, it’s not. I wrote several myself but hired someone to write one of my blurbs and man I was astonished at the results. It made a difference in sales too.

3. A Great Author Website

Be proud of your work and showcase it on your site. Also, make it a place where you are accessible, and interact with people through comments, questions and so on.

4. Give Interviews

People always wonder what it is like to be a writer. Give interviews and post them on your site.

5. Attend Publishing Conferences and Writing Groups in Your Genre and Geographical Area

People do business with people they like. Attending live events and networking with publishing professionals, other authors, and aspiring authors can lead to promotional opportunities. It also makes you more visible and shows you are someone who cares about your craft.

6. Be Charitable

Giving things away may seem an odd way to make money, but "giving back" to new writers or donating your profits to a worthy cause can create a lot of goodwill and show you are a good person, not just a "greedy author."

For example, Standing Firm (One Family’s Fight Against Domestic Violence) was my bestselling novel. I gave ten percent of the royalties to domestic violence organizations. I am doing the same with my new domestic violence novel, Fatal Misperceptions (October 2022). I’m currently following the same model with Twins. I’m giving ten percent to mental health organizations.

7. Join Writer-Related Organizations

Romance Writers of America, The Author’s Guild, and other writer related organizations can help elevate your profile.

I recently became a member of the Maryland Writer’s Association. This is a great way to enhance your brand and have people respect the work that you do.

8. Leverage Social Media

Have a social media account for your writing on the top social media sites, such as:

* Facebook

* Twitter

* LinkedIn

* Pinterest

* Tumblr

* YouTube

* Instagram

Keep fans up to date on all your news.

8. Create a Facebook Contest

Contests are a great way to grab attention, but make sure you plan every detail before you launch. Think it through totally.

9. Get Book Reviews

As soon as your book is done, start gathering reviews for it. They can really make a difference in sales. This is tough for us fiction writers. Getting people to read your work and write a review can be like pulling teeth. I’ve had many people tell me they loved my books, only to never write those words into a review. Reviews help others decide to buy your book.

10. Organize Book Signings

If you have a paperback novel, organize book signings at local bookstores, your local libraries, etc. Check to see if the bookstores in your city have local author events. These are great ways to get your books into the hands of people in your community.

These are a few ways to help market your book. In the end, be creative and come up with ideas. Think outside the box. I have stood in front of stores and stopped people to talk about my book. Some conversations have led to sales.

Good luck and be blessed!

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